Tiranga Exhibition

For this project, extremely eclectic group of artists were chosen to present the widest possible number of interpretations on the theme. Painters and sculptors as well as photographers and installation artists were invited to express themselves candidly and honestly, responding to the theme in whatever manner they wished. The results were diverse, to say the least. Many of the works are, of course, celebratory and joyful while others are critical, poignant or even depressing. In the wide range of both types of works and emotions conveyed, the exhibition is witness to the broad diversity of peoples and viewpoints that makes up India today, a true testament to the world's largest functioning democracy.

Among the artists who created works for Tiranga are the senior painters Sudhir Patwardhan (of Mumbai), Gulam Mohammad Sheikh and Nilima Sheikh (of Baroda); the painters Rekha Rodwittiya, Surendren Nair, Shibu Natesan and Nataraj Sharma (all of Baroda) and Jitish Kallat (of Mumbai) and Manisha Parekh (of New Delhi), all of whom have become among the most celebrated artists of their generation in India today.

In addition, strikingly original sculptures (often amusing and sometimes shocking) have been created for the exhibition by Vivan Sundaram, Bharti Kher and Subodh Gupta (all of New Delhi) and Reena Saini Kallat (of Mumbai). Photographs documenting the Tiranga in a wide number of uses and settings have also been included, these by some of the biggest names in the field today: Ragu Rai, Dayanita Singh, Samar Jodha and Ram Rahman. In addition, a selection of photographs culled from the National Archives in New Delhi shows the development of the design for the Tiranga and important scenes from the struggle for Independence with many of the founding fathers of the Nation. As part of the opening festivities, an interactive art event conceived by Jitish Kallat invites the public to create their own on-the-spot works to become part of the project.

The exhibition is a move towards bringing awareness among the citizens of the country to increasingly fly the National Flag and be inspired by it.

The works have already been displayed at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, on 14th -19th August 2003, Jaipur Virasat Festival, Jaipur from 07th - 21st January 2004, at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai from 10th - 15th July 2004 and soon will move to Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata. It will further travel to Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Raipur and other major Indian Cities.

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